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  1. Snake venoms are rich sources of proteins with potential biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications. Among them, metalloproteases (MPs) and phospholipases A2 (PLA2) are the most abundant. Their isolation in...

    Authors: Daniela Enriquez-Ochoa, David Meléndez-Martínez, José Manuel Aguilar-Yáñez, Cuauhtemoc Licona-Cassani and Karla Mayolo-Deloisa
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:136
  2. Cervical cancer is a serious health problem in women around the globe. However, the use of clinical drug is seriously dampened by the development of drug resistance. Efficient in vitro tumor model is essential...

    Authors: Lin Wang, Xueting Wang, Tong Wang, Yingping Zhuang and Guan Wang
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:135
  3. Dilute inorganic acids hydrolysis is one of the most promising pretreatment strategies with high recovery of fermentable sugars and low cost for sustainable production of biofuels and chemicals from lignocellu...

    Authors: Hongzhen Luo, Lei Gao, Zheng Liu, Yongjiang Shi, Fang Xie, Muhammad Bilal, Rongling Yang and Mohammad J. Taherzadeh
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:134
  4. Thermophilic Argonaute proteins (Agos) have been shown to utilize small DNA guides for cleaving complementary DNA in vitro, which shows great potential for nucleic acid detection. In this study, we explored me...

    Authors: Huarong Dong, Fei Huang, Xiang Guo, Xiaoyi Xu, Qian Liu, Xiao Li and Yan Feng
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:133
  5. Use of enzyme for extraction of nanocellulose from sugarcane bagasse is greener alternative. Literature indicates that effectiveness of these enzymes can be improved by auxiliary enzymes or mediators. In the c...

    Authors: Bhargavi Pula, Shradha Ramesh, Sirisha Pamidipati and Purnima Doddipatla
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:132
  6. Laccases are multi-copper oxidase enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of different compounds (phenolics and non-phenolics). The scientific literature on laccases is quite extensive, including many basic and ap...

    Authors: Tatiane Brugnari, Dayane Moreira Braga, Camila Souza Almeida dos Santos, Bruno Henrique Czelusniak Torres, Tatiani Andressa Modkovski, Charles Windson Isidoro Haminiuk and Giselle Maria Maciel
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:131
  7. This work aimed to study the feasibility of using vinasse for polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) production by Bacillus megaterium. To optimize the culture medium, a Box–Behnken design was employed considering carbon (C),...

    Authors: Daiana V. Trapé, Olivia V. López and Marcelo A. Villar
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:130
  8. The Monascus fermentation industry has gained global attention. Its key products, i.e., pigments, functional food ingredients, food supplements, and medicinal use, are growing in the world’s market. Efforts to fi...

    Authors: Ignatius Srianta, Endang Kusdiyantini, Elok Zubaidah, Susana Ristiarini, Ira Nugerahani, Andreas Alvin, Nathania Iswanto and Bo-Bo Zhang
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:129
  9. Zymomonas mobilis is a well-recognized ethanologenic bacterium with outstanding characteristics which make it a promising platform for the biotechnological production of relevant building blocks and fine chemical...

    Authors: Adelaide Braga, Daniela Gomes, João Rainha, Cláudia Amorim, Beatriz B. Cardoso, Eduardo J. Gudiña, Sara C. Silvério, Joana L. Rodrigues and Lígia R. Rodrigues
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:128
  10. Mycoparasites are an assemblage of biotrophic and necrotrophic fungi that occur on plant pathogenic fungal hosts. Biotrophic mycoparasites are often overlooked in transcriptomic-based biocontrol studies. Sphaerod...

    Authors: Seon Hwa Kim and Vladimir Vujanovic
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:127
  11. This study reports the isolation and partial purification of transaminase from the wild species of Bacillus licheniformis. Semi-purified transaminase was immobilized on copper nanoflowers (NFs) synthesized throug...

    Authors: Shraddha Lambhiya, Gopal Patel and Uttam Chand Banerjee
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:126
  12. Vibrio natriegens is a promising industrial chassis with a super-fast growth rate and high substrate uptake rates. V. natriegens was previously engineered to produce 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PDO) from glycerol by ove...

    Authors: Ye Zhang, Qing Sun, Yu Liu, Xuecong Cen, Dehua Liu and Zhen Chen
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:125
  13. In the last decades, replicating expression vectors based on plant geminivirus have been widely used for enhancing the efficiency of plant transient expression. By using the replicating expression vector deriv...

    Authors: Ying Li, Min Sun, Xin Wang, Yue-Jing Zhang, Xiao-Wei Da, Ling-Yun Jia, Hai-Long Pang and Han-Qing Feng
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:124
  14. In this study, ionic liquid-based sugaring-out extraction was developed to separate lactic acid from the synthetic solution and actual lignocellulosic fermentation broth. Except for [EOHmim]BF4, the ILs with BF4

    Authors: Xu Zhou, Yaqin Sun, Hongjun Zhan, Haijun Liu, Xiaoyan Wang, Yang Xu, Yi Li, Zhilong Xiu and Yi Tong
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:123
  15. Strain engineering and bioprocessing strategies were applied for biobased production of porphobilinogen (PBG) using Escherichia coli as the cell factory. The non-native Shemin/C4 pathway was first implemented by ...

    Authors: Davinder Lall, Dragan Miscevic, Mark Bruder, Adam Westbrook, Marc Aucoin, Murray Moo-Young and C. Perry Chou
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:122
  16. The cold-active pectate lyases have drawn increasing attention in food and biotechnological applications due to their ability to retain high catalytic efficiency under lower temperatures, which could be helpfu...

    Authors: Ling Zheng, Zilong Guo, Shengsheng Cao and Benwei Zhu
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:121
  17. Penicillium digitatum is the primary spoilage fungus that causes green mold during postharvest in citrus. To reduce economic losses, developing more efficient and less toxic natural antimicrobial agents is urgent...

    Authors: Shuhua Lin, Yuanxiu Wang, Qunlin Lu, Bin Zhang and Xiaoyu Wu
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:120
  18. The excessive consumption of sugars can cause health issues. Different strategies have been developed to reduce sugars in the diets. However, sugars in fruits and commercial products may be difficult to reduce...

    Authors: Mimi Hu, Xiangyu Chen, Ju Huang, Jun Du, Mian Li and Shihui Yang
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:119
  19. Microbial organelles are a promising model to promote cellular functions for the production of high-value chemicals. However, the concentrations of enzymes and nanoparticles are limited by the contact surface ...

    Authors: Qiang Ding, Yadi Liu, Guipeng Hu, Liang Guo, Cong Gao, Xiulai Chen, Wei Chen, Jian Chen and Liming Liu
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:118
  20. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) acts as a crucial energy currency in vivo, and it is a widely used energy and/or phosphate donor for enzyme-catalyzed reactions in vitro. In this study, we established an in vitro mul...

    Authors: Chuanqi Sun, Zonglin Li, Xiao Ning, Wentian Xu and Zhimin Li
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:117
  21. Current research in industrial microbiology and biotechnology focuses on the production of biodegradable microbial polymers as an environmentally friendly alternative to the still dominant fossil hydrocarbon-b...

    Authors: Peteris Zikmanis, Sergejs Kolesovs, Maija Ruklisha and Pavels Semjonovs
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:116
  22. Although Escherichia coli has been widely used for the expression of exogenous proteins, the secretory expression in this system is still a big obstacle. As one of the most important secretion pathways, hemolysin...

    Authors: Wen Zhu, Lifu Hu, Yang Wang, Liangyin Lv, Hui Wang, Wenqiang Shi, Jianwei Zhu and Huili Lu
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:115
  23. This study aims to assess kinetic modelling of the solid–liquid extraction process of total polyphenolic compounds (TPC) from apple pomace (AP). In this regard, we investigated the effects of temperature and s...

    Authors: Parinaz Hobbi, Oseweuba Valentine Okoro, Christine Delporte, Houman Alimoradi, Daria Podstawczyk, Lei Nie, Katrien V. Bernaerts and Amin Shavandi
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:114
  24. Heterogeneous tin-based sulfonated graphite (Sn-GP) catalyst was prepared with graphite as carrier. The physicochemical properties of Sn-GP were captured by FT-IR, XRD, SEM and BET. Organic acids with differen...

    Authors: Jiacheng Ni, Junhua Di, Cuiluan Ma and Yu-Cai He
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:113
  25. The critical MFC design challenge is to increase anode surface area. A novel FAB–MFC integrated system was developed and evaluated for domestic wastewater treatment. It was operated in fed-batch flow mode at 1...

    Authors: Tesfalem Atnafu and Seyoum Leta
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:112
  26. The biotechnological production of the carotenoid astaxanthin is done with the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis (H. pluvialis). Under nutrient deficiency and light stress, H. pluvialis accumulates astaxanthin i...

    Authors: Andreas Bauer and Mirjana Minceva
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:111
  27. Ferredoxin (Fdx) is regarded as the main electron carrier in biological electron transfer and acts as an electron donor in metabolic pathways of many organisms. Here, we screened a self-sufficient P450-derived...

    Authors: Zhan Song, Cancan Wei, Chao Li, Xin Gao, Shuhong Mao, Fuping Lu and Hui-Min Qin
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:109
  28. Although metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have been considered as promising matrices for enzyme immobilization, HKUST-1, constructed from copper acetate (CuAc2) and benzene 1,3,5-tricarboxylate (BTC), has rarely b...

    Authors: Xiao-Feng Lü, Chao-Yun Feng, Shuangfei Li, Guo-Hao Liu and Zhen Yang
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:108
  29. Levoglucosan is a promising sugar present in the lignocellulose pyrolysis bio-oil, which is a renewable and environment-friendly source for various value-added productions. Although many microbial catalysts ha...

    Authors: Dongdong Chang, Cong Wang, Fabrice Ndayisenga and Zhisheng Yu
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:105
  30. Accumulation of β-carotene in Dunaliella salina is highly dependent on light exposure intensity and duration, but quantitative analysis on photon numbers received per cell for triggering β-carotene accumulation i...

    Authors: Yimei Xi, Song Xue, Xupeng Cao, Zhanyou Chi and Jinghan Wang
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:104
  31. Enzymatic asymmetric amination addition is seen as a promising approach for synthesizing amine derivatives, especially unnatural amino acids, which are valuable precursors to fine chemicals and drugs. Despite ...

    Authors: Zi-Fu Ni, Pei Xu, Min-Hua Zong and Wen-Yong Lou
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:103
  32. β-1,3-glucanase can specifically hydrolyze glucans to oligosaccharides and has potential applications in biotechnology. We used the metatranscriptomic technology to discover a thermophilic β-1,3-glucanase from...

    Authors: Jianwei Feng, Shenyuan Xu, Ruirui Feng, Andrey Kovalevsky, Xia Zhang, Dongyang Liu and Qun Wan
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:102
  33. Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), used in manufacturing medium to large-sized composites for transportation industries, requires non-woven mats. While non-woven glass mats used in these applicati...

    Authors: Md. Shadhin, Mashiur Rahman, Raghavan Jayaraman and Danny Mann
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:101
  34. 5-Aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA), a non-proteinogenic five-carbon amino acid, has received intensive attentions in medicine due to its approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cancer diagnosis an...

    Authors: Ying-Chen Yi, I-Tai Shih, Tzu-Hsuan Yu, Yen-Ju Lee and I-Son Ng
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:100
  35. Hydrochar a carbon-rich material resulting from hydrothermal carbonization of biomass, has received substantial attention because of its potential application in various areas such as carbon sequestration, bio...

    Authors: Yin Li, Fana Mulugeta Hagos, Rongrong Chen, Hanxin Qian, Chengxing Mo, Jing Di, Xikun Gai, Ruiqin Yang, Genxing Pan and Shengdao Shan
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:99
  36. Rice straw is an important low-cost feedstock for bio-based economy. This report presents a study in which rice straw was used both as a source for isolation of bacteria producing the biodegradable polyester p...

    Authors: Doan Van Thuoc, Nguyen Thi Chung and Rajni Hatti-Kaul
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:98
  37. Chiral phenylglycinol is a very important chemical in the pharmaceutical manufacturing. Current methods for synthesis of chiral phenylglycinol often suffered from unsatisfied selectivity, low product yield and...

    Authors: Jiandong Zhang, Ning Qi, Lili Gao, Jing Li, Chaofeng Zhang and Honghong Chang
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:97
  38. The fermentation process is dynamically changing, and the metabolic status can be grasped through real-time monitoring of environmental parameters. In this study, a real-time and on-line monitoring experiment ...

    Authors: Chen Yang, Chen Lingli, Guo Meijin, Li Xu, Liu jinsong, Liu Xiaofeng, Chen Zhongbing, Tian Xiaojun, Zheng Haoyue, Tian Xiwei, Chu Ju and Zhuang Yingping
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:96
  39. Lactones are important compounds in the field of medicine, material and chemical industry. One of the promising accesses to these flexible scaffolds is NAD(P)+-dependent alcohol dehydrogenases-catalyzed oxidative...

    Authors: Xiaowang Zhang, Zhuotao Tan, Chaojian Li, Siyu Qi, Mengjiao Xu, Ming Li, Wenlong Xiong, Wei Zhuang, Dong Liu, Chenjie Zhu and Hanjie Ying
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:94
  40. Animal cells are used in the manufacturing of complex biotherapeutic products since the 1980s. From its initial uses in biological research to its current importance in the biopharmaceutical industry, many typ...

    Authors: Yin Ying Ho, Hao Kim Lu, Zhi Feng Sherman Lim, Hao Wei Lim, Ying Swan Ho and Say Kong Ng
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:93
  41. The biological pretreatment for the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomasses depends exclusively on the effective pretreatment process. Herein, we report a significant enhancement of enzymatic sacchar...

    Authors: Yanwen Wu, Haipeng Guo, Md. Shafiqur Rahman, Xuantong Chen, Jinchi Zhang, Yun Liu and Wensheng Qin
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:92
  42. A novel expansin-like protein (CxEXL22) has been identified and characterized from newly isolated Arthrobotrys sp. CX1 that can cause cellulose decrystallization. Unlike previously reported expansin-like proteins...

    Authors: Rong Li, Yunze Sun, Yihao Zhou, Jiawei Gai, Linlu You, Fan Yang, Wenzhu Tang and Xianzhen Li
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:90
  43. Glycyrrhetic acid 3-O-mono-β-d-glucuronide (GAMG) as an important derivative of glycyrrhizin (GL) shows stronger biological activities and higher sweetness than GL. The biotransformation process is considered as ...

    Authors: Boliang Gao, Yiwen Xiao, Qian Zhang, Junru Sun, Zhibing Zhang and Du Zhu
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:88
  44. Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) bagasse (SCB) is a biomass of agricultural waste obtained from sugarcane processing that has been found in abundance globally. Due to its abundance in nature, researchers have be...

    Authors: E. O. Ajala, J. O. Ighalo, M. A. Ajala, A. G. Adeniyi and A. M. Ayanshola
    Citation: Bioresources and Bioprocessing 2021 8:87

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