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The Top 10 Most Cited Articles in BIOB (2017-2018)

1. Recent updates on different methods of pretreatment of lignocellulosic feedstocks: a review. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 7. 

Authors: Kumar, Adepu Kiran; Sharma, Shaishav. 

Times cited: 136

2. Green synthesis of enzyme/metal-organic framework composites with high stability in protein denaturing solvents. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 24.

Authors:  Wu, Xiaoling; Yang, Cheng; Ge, Jun. 

Times cited: 29

3. Review on the current status of polymer degradation: a microbial approach. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 15.

Authors: Pathak, Vinay Mohan; Navneet. 

Times cited: 29

4. Recent progress on deep eutectic solvents in biocatalysis. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 34.

Authors: Xu, Pei; Zheng, Gao-Wei; Zong, Min-Hua; Li, Ning; Lou, Wen-Yong. (China)

Times cited: 25

5. Food waste: a potential bioresource for extraction of nutraceuticals and bioactive compounds. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 18.

Authors: Kumar, Krishan; Yadav, Ajar Nath; Kumar, Vinod; et al. 

Times cited: 23

6. Lignocellulases: a review of emerging and developing enzymes, systems, and practices. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 16.

Authors: Obeng, Eugene M.; Adam, Siti Nurul Nadzirah; Budiman, Cahyo; et al. 

Times cited: 14

7. Agro-industrial wastes and their utilization using solid state fermentation: a review. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2018) 5: 1.

Authors: Sadh, Pardeep Kumar; Duhan, Surekha; Duhan, Joginder Singh. 

Times cited: 13

8. Advances in industrial microbiome based on microbial consortium for biorefinery. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 11.

Authors: Jiang, Li-Li; Zhou, Jin-Jie; Xiu, Zhi-Long; et al. 

Times cited: 11

9. Synthesis of patterned enzyme-metal-organic framework composites by ink-jet printing. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 40.

Authors:  Hou, Miao; Zhao, Haotian; Feng, Yi; Ge, Jun. 

Times cited: 10

10. Online flow cytometry, an interesting investigation process for monitoring lipid accumulation, dimorphism, and cells' growth in the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica JMY 775. Bioresour. Bioprocess. (2017) 4: 3.

Authors: Bouchedja, Doria Naila; Danthine, Sabine; Kar, Tambi; et al. 

Times cited: 9

(Based on Web of Science, As of July 26, 2019)

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