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Table 4 The enzyme loading of lipase immobilized onto membranes with various concentrations of additives

From: The synthesis of biodiesel catalyzed by Mucor miehei lipase immobilized onto aminated polyethersulfone membranes

Sample code Enzyme loading (\(\upmu\)g/cm\(^2\))
Commercial PES filtration membrane 185.56
PES 10 195.21
PES\(\mathrm{NH}_2\)-10 D5 P8 199.96
PES\(\mathrm{NH}_2\)-10 D8 P5 187.60
PES\(\mathrm{NH}_2\)-10 D5 P10 194.25
PES\(\mathrm{NH}_2\)-10 D10 P5 192.89
  1. A commercial PES filtration membrane was used with a pore size of 0.65 \(\upmu\)m and a diameter of 47 mm