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Featured article: A robust tool for yeast genome editing was developed by Chinese scientists

New Content ItemA robust genome editing tool was successfully developed by Chinese scientists for integrating artificially designed DNA parts into Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is one of the most important industrial microorganisms. The feasibility of scCRISPR/Cpf1 for yeast cell factory development was validated by creating a patchoulol producing strain through two rounds of iterative genomic integration.
As a result, scCRISPR/Cpf1 enables singleplex and tripleplex genomic integration of in vivo assembled DNA parts with 80% and 32% efficiencies, respectively. Furthermore, the patchoulol production strain was rapidly engineered and optimized through two rounds of iterative genomic integration using scCRISPR/Cpf1. Therefore, scCRISPR/Cpf1 facilitates the genome editing of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by circumventing the step to clone a site-specific crRNA plasmid, which enriches the current set of tools for yeast strain engineering.


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