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Table 2 Comparison of the current work and other researcher results

From: Cultivation of Nannochloropsis sp. using narrow beam angle light emitting diode in an internally illuminated photobioreactor

PBR typea Micro- algae speciesb Biomass Productivity (g L−1day−1) PPFD (μmol m−2s−1) Artificial light Ref.
This study (IIC) N 0.02–0.04 350–370 LED  
IIC NS 0.02–0.10 91 Fluorescent Pegallapati and Nirmalakhandan (2013)
CY NO 0.3–0.48 300 Fluorescent Chiu et al. (2009)
IIC N 0.17–0.20 89–175 Metal halide Zittelli et al. (2003)
FP N 0.61–0.85 230 Fluorescent Zittelli et al. (2000)
  1. aReflected PBR type
  2. bReflected Microalgae Species
  3. IIC, internally illuminated column; CY, cylinder; FP, flat panel; N, Nannochloropsis sp.; NS, Nannochloropsis salina; NO, Nannochloropsis oculata