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Table 2 Range of metal tolerance of different kinds of bacteria

From: Bioleaching of copper from waste printed circuit boards by bacteria-free cultural supernatant of iron–sulfur-oxidizing bacteria

Reference Bacteria The maximum metal concentration whereby metabolic activity still occurs
Tian et al. (2007) L. ferriphilum Ni2+(30–40 mM), Zn2+(20–30 mM), Co2+ (5–10 mM), Cu2+ (< 5 mM) and Cd2+ (< 5 mM)
Dopson et al. (2003) S. thermosulfidooxidans 6 mM Cu2+, 43 mM Zn2+, and 5 mM Ni2+
Hallmann et al. (1992) L. ferrooxidans Al3+ (278 mM), Co2+ (17.0 mM), Cu2+ (391 mM), Mn2+ (546 mM), Ni2+ (127 mM), and Zn2+ (461 mM)
Current work Microbial consortium Al3+ (1049 mM), Zn2+ (1046 mM), Ni2+ (681 mM) and Cu2+ (781 mM)