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Fig. 5

From: Improved methanol-derived lovastatin production through enhancement of the biosynthetic pathway and intracellular lovastatin efflux in methylotrophic yeast

Fig. 5

Coexpression of tapA improved lovastatin production in a shake flask and bioreactor. a Comparison of lovastatin titers between strains P. p/LV_V#9 and P. p/LV_V#9-TapA. b Intracellular lovastatin concentration changes in P. p/LV_V#9 and P. p/LV_V#9-TapA. c P. p/LV_V#9 and P. p/LV_V#9-TapA were employed for fermentation in 3 L of basal salt medium broth in a 5-L bioreactor. Broth samples (2 mL) were collected at 8-h intervals and were analyzed twice to quantify cell growth and lovastatin concentration. Culture methods were the same for both strains. The fermentation experiments in bioreactors were conducted two times

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