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Fig. 4

From: 2-Hydroxy-4-(3′-oxo-3′H-benzofuran-2′-yliden)but-2-enoic acid biosynthesis from dibenzofuran using lateral dioxygenation in a Pseudomonas putida strain B6-2 (DSM 28064)

Fig. 4

Preparation and identification of HOBB by mass spectra and NMR analysis. a HPLC detection revealed a peak at RT 18.377 min (λ = 405 nm) with UV–Vis spectra in the acid mobile phase, and mass spectra verification revealed a molecular ion peak (M) at m/z 231.0299 (C12H8O5) consistent with HOBB. b GC–MS detection of silylated HOBB (derived with BSTFA) with one major peak at RT 18.1 min, showing main ion peaks at m/z 376, 259, 147 and 73. c When preparing HOBB, the sediment was purified by washing with a small amount of ethyl acetate. Purified HOBB was a yellow powder (1). This powder turned yellow–green in color when dissolved in ethyl acetate (2) and dark-orange in color when dissolved in DMF (3). The structure of silylated HOBB was determined by NMR analysis (derived with BSTFA) (4)

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