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Table 5 Comparison of cellulases and xylanase produced by Aspergillus sp. with different substrates

From: Characterization of thermophilic fungi producing extracellular lignocellulolytic enzymes for lignocellulosic hydrolysis under solid-state fermentation

Organisms Type of reactor Substrate Enzyme activities References
CMCase FPase β-Glucosidase Xylanase
Aspergillus fumigatus JCM 10253 Flask Wheat bran 26.2 U/mL 18.2 U/mL 0.87 U/mL 2.6 U/mL This study
Aspergillus fumigatus SK1 Flask Oil palm trunk 54.27 U/g 3.35 U/g 4.51 U/g 418.70 U/g Ang et al. (2013)
Aspergillus fumigatus MS16 Flask CMC 0.311 U/mL 0.389 U/mL Sohail et al. (2009)
Aspergillus niger ATTC 6275 Flask Palm kernel cake 23.80 U/g 282.9 U/g Prasertsan et al. (1992)
Aspergillus niger EFB1 Rotary drum reactor Oil palm empty fruit bunch 0.135 U/mL 0.052 U/mL 0.161 U/mL Noratiqah et al. (2013)
Aspergillus niger MS80 Flask Birchwood xylan 1.24 U/mL Sohail et al. (2009)
Aspergillus fumigatus Flask Wheat straw 16.9 U/g 0.98 U/g 11.80 U/g 56.40 U/g Sherief et al. (2010)
Aspergillus terreus M11 Flask Corn stover 581 U/g 243 U/g 128 U/g Gao et al. (2008)
Aspergillus fumigatus Flask Sweet sorghum 26 U/gds 3.9 U/gds 6 U/gds 1250 U/gds Bagewadi and Ninnekar (2015)