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Table 1 Transformation of Shewanella species with vectors contained a diverse array of origin, size and antibiotic resistance

From: Turn on the Mtr pathway genes under pLacI promoter in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Strain Vector Ori Size (bp) Ra Tb References
S. baltica pHM1884 pSC101 4235 Spc No Milewska et al. (2015)
pZS24luc pSC101 5583 Kan No
pBR328, ColE1-like, pMB1 4907 Cm, Tet Yes
pECFP-c1 ColE1-like, pMB1 4700 Kan Yes
pZA31 ColE1-like, p15A 3666 Cm Yes
pZE21 ColE1-like, ColE1 3832 Kan Yes
pWUZ1 (tertR) ColE1-like, ColE1 4683 Tet No
pSP102 Bacteriophage P1 4254 Cm Yes
S. putrefaciens MR-1* pACYC184 p15A-based 4245 Tet, Cm No Saffarini and Nealson (1993)
S. putrefaciens MR-1* pACYC184 p15A-based 4245 Tet, Cm Yes Myers and Myers (1997)
pBR322 pMB1 4361 Amp, Tet No
S. oneidensis TSP-C pMC3** pUC-type Rifampicin Tet Yes Ozawa et al. (2001)
Shewanella sp. 33B pSFKW33 R-6 K like 8021 ND No Werbowy et al. (2009)
S. oneidensis MR-1 pUC-kanMX pMB1 Kan, Amp Yes Rachkevych et al. (2014)
pBR322 pMB1 4361 Amp, Tet Yes
pBAD33 p15A-based, f1 5352 Cm Yes
S. oneidensis MR-1 pBAD33 f1, p15A 5352 Cm (12.5) Yes This study
pBluescript-SK(-) f1, pUC 2961 Amp (100) Yes This study
pCRISRP-Cas9 p15A 9362 Cm (12.5) Yes This study
pETSXM1 f1, pBR322, repB 6898 Kan (50) Yes This study
pETSXM2 f1, pBR322, repB 3364 Kan (50) Yes This study
pSB1C3-GFP pMB1 3153 Cm (25) Yes This study
pSB1C3-repB(SXM)-GFP pMB1, repB 4219 Cm (25) Yes This study
pKD46 R101, repA101ts 6329 Amp(100) No This study
  1. ND not determined
  2. S. putrefaciens MR-1 has been later reclassified as S. oneidensis MR-1 (Heidelberg et al. 2002)
  3. ** Derived from pUC119
  4. aR means resistance of antibiotic
  5. bT means transformants