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Table 3 List of the structural and functional properties of pectin-deacetylating esterases belonging to CE-8 and CE-12 of carbohydrate esterases

From: Structural and functional properties of pectin and lignin–carbohydrate complexes de-esterases: a review

Strain, PDB ID, CE class Catalytic residues and reaction type CATH and Pfam Enzyme and fold
Substrates and Refs
Erwinia chrysanthemi, [1QJV], CE-8 Asp178, Asp199, Arg267
Aspartic esterase
Pectinase lyase C-like pectinesterase
Pectin methyl esterase, single stranded right-handed β-helix, pectin present in cell wall polysaccharides is hydrolyzed to pectate and methanol (Jenkins et al. 2001)
Aspergillus aculeatus, [1DEX], CE-12 Ser9, His195, Asp192
Serine esterases
3-Layer α/β sandwich
Rossmann fold
GDSL-like lipase/acylhydrolase
Rhamnogalacturonan acetylesterase flavodoxin-like (SGNH hydrolase). Rhamnogalacturonan present in the cell walls. RGAE functions in coordination with rhamnogalacturonan lyases and hydrolases (Mølgaard et al. 2000)
  1. The structural and functional properties such as SCOPE and CATH related information was retrieved from RCSB PDB data repository, appropriate references and the corresponding PDB ID’s were reported in the table