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Fig. 5

From: Study on a two-component signal transduction system RimA1A2 that negatively regulates oxytetracycline biosynthesis in Streptomyces rimosus M4018

Fig. 5

OTC production by M4018 and the engineered strains cultivated on MM medium supplemented with 50 mM Gly. Vertical error bars correspond to the standard error of the mean of three replicated cultures. Black square: parental strain M4018; white square: parental strain M4018 with a control plasmid pIB-KA; black up-pointing triangle: rimA1A2-overexpressed mutant M4018 (pIB-KA-rim); black diamond: rimA1-disrupted mutant M4018 Δrim; white diamond: M4018 Δrim with a control plasmid pIB-KA; black down-pointing triangle: rimA1A2-complemented mutant M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA-rim)

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