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Table 8 Biohydrogen characteristics of some reported microorganisms from glycerol fermentation

From: Strain screening and optimization of biohydrogen production by Enterobacter aerogenes EB-06 from glycerol fermentation

Substrate type Microbial source Reactor type T/ (°C) pH Max YH2 References
Biodiesel  Enterobacter aerogenes HU-101 Batch 37 °C 1.12 mol H2/mol glycerol Ito et al. (2005)
Glycerol Enterobacter aerogenes EB-06 Batch 37 °C 6.0 1.07 mol H2/mol glycerol This study
Waste glycerol Enterobacter. aerogenes ATCC 35029 Batch 37 °C 0.85 mol H2/mol glycerol Jitrwung et al. (2013)
Biodiesel-based glycerol Enterobacter aerogenes Batch 37 °C 6.8 0.84 mol/mol of glycerol Fan et al. (2010)
Crude glycerol Clostridium pasteurianum Batch 36 °C 6.7 0.63 mol H2/mol glycerol Sarma et al. (2016)