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Fig. 2

From: Dry biodetoxification of acid pretreated wheat straw for cellulosic ethanol fermentation

Fig. 2

Evaluation of dry and wet biodetoxified wheat straw feedstocks on simultaneous saccharification and ethanol co-fermentation (SSCF). a SSCF using dry biodetoxified wheat straw with CaCO3 powder; b SSCF using wet biodetoxified wheat straw with 20% of Ca(OH)2 slurry. Conditions: 30% solids loading, cellulase dosage of 10 mg total protein/g cellulose, 10% (v/v) inoculum ratio of S. cerevisiae XH7. Pre-hydrolysis step, 50 °C, pH 5.0 for 12 h; SSCF step, 30 °C, pH 5.5, for 120 h

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