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Fig. 3

From: Optimized sampling protocol for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics in Streptomyces

Fig. 3

Hierarchical clustering analysis of the metabolites from the QS fraction. The concentration (μmol gDCW−1) of metabolites from the QS fraction was used for clustering analysis. The QS was the quenching supernatant of the centrifugal samples. The QS were attained from Meth60: 60% methanol; AceB: acetone; ProB: propanol; IsoaB: isoamylol; and MethB: methanol with base solution 5:1 (v/v) at − 30 °C, respectively. Base solution was made up of acetone: ethanol = 1:1 (mol/mol). Clustering scaled and distance measure utilized in clustering rows by Euclidean distance. Each row and column indicated an individual metabolite and QS, respectively. R5P ribose-5-phosphate, Mal malate, Ara arabitol, Orn ornithine, Suc succinate, Thr threonine, Asn asparaginate, Ser serine, Gln glutamine, Glu glutamate, Tre trehalose, Gly glycine, Pro proline, Ile isoleucine; Phe phenylalanine, Val valine, Ery erythritol, OX oxalic acid, Xyl xylitol, Gel glycerol, Leu leucine, Asp aspartate, Met methionine, Pyr pyruvate, G6P glucose-6-phosphate, aKG alpha-ketoglutarate, M6P mannose-6-phosphate

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