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Table 2 Morphological characteristics of actinobacteria strains

From: Bioleaching of heavy metals from printed circuit board (PCB) by Streptomyces albidoflavus TN10 isolated from insect nest

S. noStrain noCultural characteristics
1TN 10GoodRoughWhitePale yellow++
2TN 5GoodPowderyWhitePale yellow++
3TN 2GoodLeatheryPale yellow/dirtyBrown++
4TN 14GoodRoughYellowish grayOrange+++
5TN 8GoodLeatheryDirty whiteReddish brown++
  1. +, present; −, absent; AMC, aerial mass color; RSP, reverse side pigment; SP, soluble pigment; AM, aerial mycelium; SM, substrate mycelium