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Table 3 Comparable adsorption capacities of other adsorbents with orange peel

From: Orange peel as low-cost adsorbent in the elimination of Cd(II) ion: kinetics, isotherm, thermodynamic and optimization evaluations

AdsorbentAdsorption capacity (mg/g)References
Dopamine-modified magnetic nano-adsorbent21.58 Lei et al. (2019)
Succinylated hay75.19Peijia et al. (2019)
Pisha sandstone12.79Wang et al. (2020)
Na+-modified Pisha sandstone12.81Wang et al. (2020)
Synthetic hydroxyapatite (S-HAp)138.89Ramdani et al. (2020)
Hydroxyapatite (C-HAp)125Ramdani et al. (2020)
Spent coffee grounds (SCGs)19.32Min-Suk and Jeong-Gyu (2020)
Zeolite13.91Min-Suk and Jeong-Gyu (2020)
Fish scale112.57Adeogun et al. (2018)
Bone meal-derived apatite116.16Ofudje et al. (2020)
Orange peel128.23Present study