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Table 2 Novel biosynthetic pathways or bioconversions based on stabilization of aromatic aldehydes

From: Advances in engineering microbial biosynthesis of aromatic compounds and related compounds

Feedstock Product References
Glucose Vanillin Kunjapur et al. (2014)
Benzaldehyde and glucose (R)-Phenylacetylcarbinol Kunjapur et al. (2014)
Piperonylic acid Piperonal Schwendenwein et al. (2016)
Phenylalanine Benzaldehyde
Benzyl amine
Liu et al. (2020a), Zhu et al. (2020)
Glucose Norcoclaurine
Pyne et al. (2020)
Isoeugenol Vanillic acid
Muconic acid
Chen et al. (2021)
Coumaric acid or ferulic acid Hydroxyphenylacetic acid
Homovanillic acid
Zhao et al. (2021)
Polyethylene terephthalate Vanillin Sadler and Wallace (2021)