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Table 1 Establishment of important cell lines for research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing in order of year of origin

From: Applications and analysis of hydrolysates in animal cell culture

Name Species and tissue Morphology Culture in serum-free media Year of origin
L929 Mouse connective tissue Fibroblast No 1948; Earle et al. (1943)
HeLa Human cervix Epithelial Yes 1951; Gey (1952)
CHO Chinese hamster ovary Epithelial-like Yes 1957; Tjio and Puck (1958)
Baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells Hamster kidney cells Fibroblast Yes 1961; Hernandez and Brown (2010)
Vero African green monkey kidney Fibroblast Yes 1962; Yasumura and Kawakita (1963)
3T3 Mouse embryo Fibroblast No 1962; Todaro and Green (1963)
U-2 OS Human osteosarcoma Epithelial No 1964; Ponten and Saksela (1967)
MCF 7 Human adenocarcinoma Epithelial No 1970; Soule et al. (1973)
HT1080 Human fibrosarcoma Epithelial No 1974; Rasheed et al. (1974)
Sp2/0 Fused BALB/c mouse spleen cell and mouse myeloma P3X63Ag8 Lymphoblast Yes 1975; KÖHler and Milstein (1975)
Caco-2 Human colorectal adenocarcinoma Epithelial No 1977; Fogh et al. (1977)
Jurkat Human T cell leukemia Lymphoblast No 1977; Schneider, et al. (1977)
HEK293 Human embryonic kidney Epithelial Yes 1977; Graham et al. (1977)
THP-1 Human monocytic leukemia Monocytic Yes 1980; Tsuchiya et al. (1980)
NS0 Murine myeloma Lymphoblast Yes 1981; Galfrè and Milstein (1981)
PER.C6 Human embryonic retinal cells Epithelial Yes 1999; Havenga et al. (2008)
HKB-11 human hybrid kidney/B cell Epithelial Yes 2001; Cho et al. (2003)
AGE1.CR Duck embryo Fibroblast Yes 2007; Jordan et al. (2009)
CEVEC’s amniocyte production (CAP) Primary human amniocytes Epithelial Yes 2011; Wölfel et al. (2011)