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Call for Papers

Discovery and engineering of novel enzymes for synthesis new molecules

Lead Guest Editor: Jianping Wu, Ai-Tao Li, Zhi-Jun Zhang

We are excited to announce a call for papers on the topic of "Discovery and Engineering of Novel Enzymes for Synthesis of New Molecules." This call aims to bring together groundbreaking research in the field of enzyme discovery and protein engineering, with a specific focus on the synthesis of novel molecules. Enzymes play a crucial role in various biological processes, and their potential for industrial applications has been recognized for decades. However, recent advancements in enzyme discovery and protein engineering have opened up new avenues for the synthesis of complex and diverse molecules, revolutionizing the field of chemical synthesis. This call for papers invites researchers from various disciplines to contribute their original research, reviews, and perspectives on the discovery and engineering of enzymes for the synthesis of new molecules. We encourage submissions that explore novel techniques, methodologies, and approaches to identify and modify enzymes with enhanced catalytic properties, specificity, and stability.

Bioresources and Bioprocessing (BIOB) plans to organize a Thematic Issue with the subject of “Discovery and engineering of novel enzymes for synthesis new molecules” during Sep, 2023-April, 2024. All researchers from academia, industry, and other related fields are cordially encouraged to submit their original articles including research articles, short reports and reviews to this SCI-indexed open-access journal which is published by the Springer-Nature group. The Impact Factor of BIOB (2022) is 4.6, ranking No. 43/156 in the JCR category of Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology.

Both reviews and research articles are welcome. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification and characterization of novel enzymes with unique catalytic abilities.
  • Rational design and directed evolution of enzymes for improved synthesis of specific molecules.
  • Enzyme engineering for enhanced catalytic efficiency, substrate specificity, and stability.
  • Computational approaches for enzyme discovery and design.
  • Enzymes in biocatalysis and their applications in sustainable synthesis.
  • Integration of enzymes into synthetic biology platforms for the production of valuable molecules.
  • Industrial applications of novel enzymes in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and fine chemical industries.

All papers and supplementary information (if any) should be submitted online ( and prepared according to the BIOB guidelines ( Authors should indicate that the paper is submitted for the thematic issue of Discovery and engineering of novel enzymes for synthesis new molecules in their cover letter and is not published or being considered to publish elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to peer review before possible acceptance for publication in BIOB which is highly accessed by readers from all over the world and has an opportunity to be selected as monthly highlights for promotion on the journal webpage and/or social media like Facebook and WeChat.

The date open for submission to the thematic issue of Discovery and engineering of novel enzymes for synthesis new molecules: From Now On;

Until the deadline: April 30, 2024.