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Call for Papers

Biochemical engineering: perspectives in the golden age of bioeconomy

A special issue of in memory of Prof. Daniel I. C. Wang for his excellent contributions and achievements in the field of biochemical and biological engineering.

Guest Editors: Shuke Wu, PhD; Peng Xu, PhD; Hui-Lei Yu, PhD; and Ya-Jie Tang, PhD.

Bioresources and Bioprocessing (BIOB) plans to publish a special issue with the subject of “Biochemical engineering: perspectives in the golden age of bioeconomy”, in memory of Prof. Daniel I. C. Wang for his excellent and life-long contributions and achievements in the field of biochemical and biological engineering. Prof. Daniel I. C. Wang (Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) passed away peacefully on Aug. 29th, 2020. He had pioneered the field of biochemical and biological engineering, and laid the foundation for modern biochemical and biopharmaceutical industries. His main contributions include: mammalian cell culture, fermentation, monitoring and control of bioprocesses, renewable resource utilization, enzyme technology, product recovery and purification, protein aggregation and refolding. As a Chinese American, Prof. Wang had educated and trained many students and scholars, as well as provided insightful guidance for governments/universities/institutes/industries all over the world.

To continue his academic excellence and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and mentoring younger generations (which is extremely precious during this isolated period of COVID-19), we are seeking contributions from the broad biochemical and biological engineering community, in the forms of either original articles or review articles, to this open-access and free-of-charge journal which is published by the Springer Nature group and sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology. This six-year old journal has been included in famous databases such as SCOPUS (Elsevier) and ESCI (Clarivate). The virtual impact factor of this China-based journal is 4.676 in 2019, as calculated based on the Web of Science. More importantly, to save your valuable time, the peer-review process will be started immediately after the manuscript is submitted to BIOB and each of the accepted papers will be published quickly within 3-5 days in one-by-one mode.

The topics of interest include (but not limited to) the topics listed below:

Biochemical and microbiological engineeringBiocatalysis and biotransformationBiosynthesis and metabolic engineeringBioprocess and biosystems engineering Bioenergy and biorefinery Cell culture and biomedical engineering Food, agricultural and marine biotechnology Bioseparation and biopurification engineering Bioremediation and environmental biotechnology

All papers and supplementary information (if any) should be submitted online ( and prepared according to the BIOB guidelines ( Authors should indicate that the paper is submitted for the special issue in their cover letter and is not published or being considered by other journals. All submissions will be subjected to peer review as regularly before formal acceptance for publication in BIOB, which is free of charge and highly accessed by readers from the world.

Submission for Special Issue “Biochemical engineering: perspectives in the golden age of bioeconomy” is now open until the deadline: Apr. 30, 2021.